Fall 2021. We meet up again and Rosie, definitely Rosie, sinks our paddleboat.
Spring 2020. The lab gets a new member and we go virtual.
Fall 2019. The lab spends a weekend in Hunter, NY. We learn that Marlene is the most likely to survive in the wilderness.
Summer 2019. Colin becomes the new lab hula-hoop champion. Madison goes to law school, and Rosie goes to London.
Spring 2019. The lab gets to see everyone's competitive side.
Fall 2018. We solved a sunflower maze!
Summer 2018. The lab goes to the Bolivian Amazon.
Spring 2018. The lab learns that making pizza is hard and Madison earns the IRB-whisperer award.
Summer 2018. We have our first summer internship, and the lab goes to Wisconsin.